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Dacentrurus armatus

Dacentrurus armatus, w Ctenochasma and Gnathosaurus
Dacentrurus is a very poorly known Stegosaurid, so the plate/spike arangement is allmost completely
based on Kentrosaurus. The body is based on Kentrosaurus and Huayangosaurus.
The pterosaurs however, are much better known. They are not found in the same places as Dacentrurus, but i have based the scene on the idea of pterosaurs being able to move around larger areas of a
continent, just as birds do today. Ctenochasma are in the water, and Gnathosaurus is in the palm tree.


Dacentrurus armatus

Lenghtca 4,5 m
Weightca 500 kg
Time154-150 mya
PlaceEngland, France, Portugal

Ctenochasma gracilis
Lenght1,2 m
Weightca 10 kg
Time144 mya
PlaceGermany, France

Gnathosaurus sublatus
Lenght1,7 m
Weightca 15 kg
Time144 mya



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